New Orleans Style jazz for all occasions
JENSENS jazz SERENADERS ( 3 - 4 piece band ) is swinging happyjazz!. It is old style New Orleans jazz, bringing joy to all occacions, and with reverence of the old jazzmasters ( especially George Lewis, Kid Thomas ....) The group has toured in Sweden, Germany, England, Norway, Holland and of course Denmark - with great success - (se reviews) - and has released 12 CDs. (seCD list)

Nan Ehrenstraale (double bass), Kurt Jensen (clarinet, tenor sax and vocal), Nina Ehrenstraale (tenor banjo and vocal).
Occasionally the band is expanded with piano or trumpet or drums - sometimes to a six piece New Orleans style jazz band. (JENSENS New Orleans BAND )

Nina Ehrenstraale:
Nina is the vocalist and the banjo player of the group. In spite of her young age she has had a great success at international jazz festivals and jazz clubs in Denmark and Europe.
She can be heard on the CDs from Jensen for instance the Patsy Klein tune: Crazy, the Irving Berlin tune: Always and popular tunes such as: Pretend and On A Coconut Island and the New Orleans hymn How Great Thou Art (see CD list) .
Nina is not only a fine vocalist. She is also a very good tenor banjo player, with a fine accurate and rare drive, appreciated by audience and musicians.
Besides Nina, the Serenaders bring another female musician: Nan Ehrenstråle on the double bass. Nan is also Nina's mother and Nina's father - Kurt Jensen - is not far away. He is the clarinet and sax player.

Jazz Classics and Evergreens...
The constallation of string bass, clarinet/sax and banjo and a first class jazz singer and sometimes a piano player, is suitable for all occasions, from small venues to jazz clubs and festivals.
The music style of the JAZZ SERENADERS is oldtime New Orleans jazz: marches, hymns, blues, jazz classics and evergreens and some Caribbean tunes.

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